SciFiSol DJ Set at Folding Space

September 04, 2014

SciFiSol-djSet-FoldingSpace by Scifisol on Mixcloud

Here’s a dj mix I did for Folding|Space at The Rose in Portland, Oregon back in July. There’s an unreleased track of mine from a few years ago towards the middle, remixed by my good friend Müd. It’s a different style than I usually do– I’m channeling some Italian mob actress over throwback electro beats. You’re gonna love it!

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303s & Brides EP – now available on Fangoria Musick!

June 16, 2014

Fangoria Musick has recently launched a new digital label and I am so excited for them to be releasing my latest EP, 303s & Brides. It’s a 3 song escapade into darkwave and techno with amazing custom artwork by Deon Staffelbach. Visit the link to Deon’s page to read about his fascinating process for creating and evolving this design concept.
303s & Brides EP

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Ninna V Cause and Effect EP out now! Remix by SciFiSol!

June 04, 2014

Out now on SubSensory Recordings is my remix of Ninna V (Portugal). The track is called Effect (SciFiSol Alien Tropix Remix) and you can listen to it here.

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SciFiSol New Music

April 22, 2014

It’s been a busy year getting my latest releases out the door, but I’m happy to say I have new music on the way!

Forthcoming on Subsensory, is a remix I did for the lovely and talented Ninna V. The track is called Effect, and is off of her upcoming Cause and Effect EP. Pushing myself toward the darker realms of dancefloor techno, I am super excited about this release!

Forthcoming on Pleasure Boat Records Seattle, I’ll be celebrating my 3rd release with this lovely experimental electronic label. Solar Eyes EP will be out in April so keep your eyes peeled. It’s dubby house, techno, and experimental electronica with my new wave vox all over it. Have a listen here!

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SciFiSol DJ Mix on Etc Radio WNUR Chicago

December 23, 2013


Disequilibrium – Withering Zithering
On the Precipice of Devils Canyon – Chris & Cosey
Austra – The Beat and the Pulse
Darkened Skin – Mr. Projectile
Tower of Babel – Fiona Soe Paing
Icaro – Dino Sabatini
Wild in Blue – Suicide
Bends – Noveller
Lie in Velvet – Sci Fi Sol
Aldebran Exchange – Steve Moore
Goofy – Gudrun Gut
Dopplegammer! – Caspar Sonnet
Chromapassage – Sci Fi Sol
Reflection of You (Lovelock Remix) – Bear in Heaven
That Feeling – DIANA
Smokin’ Japanese Babe – Future Sound of London

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female:pressure Pussy Riot Freedom Compilation

December 17, 2013

SciFiSol is featured on a music compilation featuring the female:pressure international collective.
female:pressure presents
PUSSY RIOT FREEDOM CompilationAcross a variety of countries, these electronic music producers of female:pressure offer their music in solidarity with Pussy Riot calling for freedom for imprisoned Pussy Riot members Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina. We have heard that they may be set free, and hope that this effort increases exposure for their cause and celebrates their liberation.All money raised from this compilation will be donated directly to the Voice Project who is managing the International Support Fund for Pussy Riot (

Please give as generously as you can in the name of solidarity, justice and equality.

About female:pressure
female:pressure is an international database and support network of women in the fields of electronic music and digital art: musicians, DJs, producers and performers, vocalists, composers, visual artists, booking agents, label owners, researchers and academics in these fields. We have over 1300 members in 58 countries.

About the Voice Project
Voice Project is managing the international support fund for Pussy Riot to aid with legal efforts to secure the freedom of the imprisoned members of the group, to meet the security, care and support needs of Nadya (Nadezhda Tolokonnikova) and Masha (Maria Alyokhina) while they are incarcerated in the labor camps as well as care for their young children.


released 11 December 2013
01. AGF (DE/FI) – Ice Breaker (Pussy Riot Solid Version) 4:26
02. Ipek Ipekcioglu feat. Asia Karajan (TR/CY/DE) – Atonal Resistance 5:42
03. Gudrun Gut (DE) – Mach Mich Gut 3:39
04. SciFiSol (US) – Nikki 2:33
05. Olivia Louvel (UK/FR) – Doll Divider 2:57
06. Caro C (UK) – V To The Dub (original wake up mix) 3:01
07. Skr3amy (FR) – Keeping You There 5:24
08. Anna Bolena (IT/DE) & Lady Maru (IT) – Rivolta 4:32
09. chra (AT) – where is Nadeshda Tolokonnikova? 3:08
10. Sonae (DE) – entmutigt sillageintemporel 2:38
11. Alice Rose (DE) – Letting Go 4:52
12. Jennifer Touch (DE) – Fashion 5:23
13. A BAD MAN (UK) – Small Caverns And Bright Machines 6:46
14. Viy (IT/UK) – Cries And Blisters 6:38
15. Xyramat (DE) – Open the doors for all pussy riots 4:49
16. Vera Bremerton (IT/UK) – New Day 5:25
17. Electric Indigo (AT) – Waiting 12:08
Mastered by AGF


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[in the mix with Darkfloor] SciFiSol featured on Mantis Radio 139 + Bombardier

September 23, 2013


An electronic music podcast of the darker persuasion, Mantis Radio presented by DVNT, features Sun Fades –a track off of my forthcoming EP, Solar Eyes. Download Mantis Radio 139


Mantis Radio 139 + Bombardier by Darkfloor. on Mixcloud

Sherwood + Pinch – Weed Psychosis Mix [On U Sound]
Astrosuka – ?______?$CU?!R__€L_??LØR 201333 [Aural Sects]
Katie Gately – Pipes [Blue Tapes]
Concrete Fence – Industrial Disease [PAN]
Dronelock – Sonars [Weekend World Recordings]
Dronelock – In Snow [Weekend World Recordings]
Oberman Knocks – Quephan [Aperture Records]
Dettmann – Corridor [Ostgut Ton]
Plaster – Uret [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
SciFiSol – Sun Fades [dub]
Tessela – Gateway [R&S]
David Meiser – Distress [Pareto Park]
DynArec – The Spring Tides [Vaporwave]
Jah Wobble / Marconi Union – Reality Crash [30 Hertz Records]
Diamond Version – Operate At Your Optimum [Mute]
Spherical Coordinates – scjkn-06 [PoleGroup]
Cicciolina Holocaust – Cattle Murder [Forced Nostalgia]
John Cohen – Long and Narrow [Exotic Pylon Records]
Erratic – Downward Echoes [Acre Recordings]
J:Kenzo – Bloodlines [Tempa]

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[in the mix] SciFiSol guest dj (techno/idm) – on San Francisco’s From 0-1 records

September 16, 2013


I did a techno / idm dj mix and interview for the San Francisco techno label From 0-1 ! Check it out.




Read the interview

SciFiSol From 0-1

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