9/21/19 SciFiSol (live) with Mark Hosler (Negativland) at Watershed, PDX


8/1/19 SciFiSol (live) LitD at Atlantis Lounge, Portland, OR

8/9/19 SciFiSol (DJ set) Watershed PDX w/ Rroxymore, Jeno, Golden Donna

7/26/19 Camino Acid (SciFiSol+SenorFrio) at No Fun Bar
with Golden Donna

6/29/19 SciFiSol, Angel, TBA at Kelly’s Olympian Portland, OR

5/4/19 Camino Acid (SciFiSol+SenorFrio) at
Suicide Circus Berlin, Germany

4/20/19 Camino Acid (SciFiSol+SenorFrio) at Azoth Portland, OR

4/5/19 SciFiSol (live PA) at Azoth Portland, OR

3/22/19 SciFiSol (live PA) at No Fun Bar Portland, OR

1/5/19  SciFiSol live! at Volt Divers, Lovecraft Bar Portland, OR


To be updated…


7/8/17  Saturday 7-10pm
Volt Divers : 9 acts in 3 hours live hardware freakout!
SciFiSol live set
Lovecraft Bar, Portland
Event Page

6/30/17 Friday 8pm
Camino Acid (live techno duo w/ SciFiSol + Senor Frio)
Black Water, Portland OR
Event Page

6/22/17 Thursday 9pm
SciFiSol live! (opening for Mor Elian)
Black Book Portland, OR
Event Page

5/28/17 Sunday 9pm sharp.
SciFiSol live! (opening for Pantha Du Prince)
Doug Fir, Portland, OR
Event Page

3/19/17 Sunday 7-11pm
SciFiSol live! @ Sanctuary Sunday
Beacon Sound, Portland

3/11/17 Saturday 10pm-2am
Camino Acid live! (SciFiSol + Senor Frio) with Kangding Ray
Facebook Event

2/1/17 Wednesday 6-8pm
SciFiSol DJ set
Freeform Portland Radio – Alleys of Your Mind

1/28/17 Saturday 8pm-11pm
SciFiSol live! @ Blackwater Portland
Facebook Event

1/18/17 Friday 1am-2am
XRAY.FM – Women’s Beat League Radioshow


October 6, 2016
Mommy Long Legs
Kelli Frances Corrado (music video release)
SciFiSol Music (pdx)
Sunset Tavern Seattle, Wa
Female:Pressure / TomTom Magazine Showcase
Click here for event page.


12/5/15  Saturday (10pm-6am)
Odyssey Warehouse Party
SciFiSol Live Hardware Set (11:30pm)
Under the Morrison Bridge, SE Portland, OR 21+

10/31/15 Saturday (10pm-4am)
S1 Women’s Beat League Halloween Party
SciFiSol Live Hardware Set Debut!!!
S1 Portland, OR All Ages


9/26/14 Friday (9pm-5am)
Decibel Festival Afterhours
SciFiSol DJ set
SODO warehouse Seattle, Wa.
Event Info

5/8/14 Thursday
Flight Portland, OR
SciFiSol DJ set
The Rose Bar 21+ $5
Event Info

5/2/14 Friday
Cock Block Portland, OR
SciFiSol DJ set 9-10
Holocene 21+ $5
Event Info

4/25/14 Friday
The Cockpit Portland, OR
SciFiSol DJ set 9-10:30
Rotture 21+ $5
Event Info

3/9/14 Sunday
MagmaFest Seattle
SciFiSol LIVE! at Chop Suey 9pm
Event Info

CockBlock @ Holocene Portland
SciFiSol DJ Set [9-10:30]

Bridges @ The Watershed Portland [with Terry Mullan]
SciFiSol DJ electro / idm set [9-11pm]


12/31/13 Steep and Thorny Way to Heaven
New Beginnings After Party
SciFiSol DJ set 3-5am

11/10/13 (Sunday) Static: SciFiSol live at Langano Lounge 8pm 21+

More info here:    Static at Langano Lounge 

06/22/13 Closer Electronic Music Festival
@ Refuge Portland, Oregon 11pm

More Info Here: Closer Electronic Music Festival

06/13/12 FMPDX Radio Show
Listen Here: Sci Fi Sol on FMPDX

11/19/12 – Sci Fi Sol (DJ set)
Beech Street Parlor Portland, Oregon

8/30/12 – Camino Acid LIVE! (1/2 SciFiSol + 1/2 Senor Frio)
Lovecraft Bar Portland, Oregon

5/17/12 – Sci Fi Sol LIVE PA!
Someday Lounge Portland, Oregon
More Info Here

4/20/12 – Sci Fi Sol Live PA
Studio Seven Seattle, Washington
More Info Here

4/19/12 Sci Fi Sol DJ set
Someday Lounge Portland, Oregon

3/29/12 Sci Fi Sol + Senor Frio DJ set
Someday Lounge Portland, Oregon

3/10/12 Sci Fi Sol Live PA
Utopia Festival Vancouver, British Colombia Canada

2/16/12 Sci Fi Sol Live PA
Someday Lounge Portland, Oregon

2/9/12 Sci Fi Sol DJ set
Someday Lounge Portland, Oregon

2/2/12 Sci Fi Sol DJ set
Someday Lounge Portland, Oregon

1/26/12 Sci Fi Sol DJ set
Someday Lounge Portland, Oregon

1/19/12 Sci Fi Sol DJ set
Someday Lounge Portland, Oregon

1/12/12 Sci Fi Sol DJ set
Someday Lounge Portland, Oregon