An electronic music podcast of the darker persuasion, Mantis Radio presented by DVNT, features Sun Fades –a track off of my forthcoming EP, Solar Eyes. Download Mantis Radio 139


Mantis Radio 139 + Bombardier by Darkfloor. on Mixcloud

Sherwood + Pinch – Weed Psychosis Mix [On U Sound]
Astrosuka – ?______?$CU?!R__€L_??LØR 201333 [Aural Sects]
Katie Gately – Pipes [Blue Tapes]
Concrete Fence – Industrial Disease [PAN]
Dronelock – Sonars [Weekend World Recordings]
Dronelock – In Snow [Weekend World Recordings]
Oberman Knocks – Quephan [Aperture Records]
Dettmann – Corridor [Ostgut Ton]
Plaster – Uret [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
SciFiSol – Sun Fades [dub]
Tessela – Gateway [R&S]
David Meiser – Distress [Pareto Park]
DynArec – The Spring Tides [Vaporwave]
Jah Wobble / Marconi Union – Reality Crash [30 Hertz Records]
Diamond Version – Operate At Your Optimum [Mute]
Spherical Coordinates – scjkn-06 [PoleGroup]
Cicciolina Holocaust – Cattle Murder [Forced Nostalgia]
John Cohen – Long and Narrow [Exotic Pylon Records]
Erratic – Downward Echoes [Acre Recordings]
J:Kenzo – Bloodlines [Tempa]

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